Animal Regulations for all Hilton Head Beach

October 1st - April 1st - No leashes required at any time.

The animal is required to be under positive voice control.
April 1st - May 22nd – Animals must be on a leash between 10AM and 5PM.

May 23rd until Monday of Labor Day weekend - NO animals

10 AM-5PM.  May 23 until Monday of Labor Day weekend, no animals allowed on the beach between 10AM-5PM.

Tuesday after Labor Day - September 30th to October 1st - Animals must be on a leash from 10AM-5PM.
Law requires owners

to clean up after their pets.

Where is Hilton Head Island when you need it !

                      Oh MUCH better!

Before bringing a pet, you must phone the owner and discuss size and breed.  We also ask that you groom your dog before having him/her as our guest.  There is a non refundable $600 cleaning fee so that we can rent to others after you leave and your dog will not still be here.  It is assumed that your dog is house broken, will not be allowed on the furniture or bedspreads and that you will clean up all signs that your dog has been on the property by sealing them in a plastic bag and disposing of them in the garbage can.  Any damage inside the house like marking (we use a black light), scratches or damage to furniture will be the renter’s responsibility.  If your dog swims in the pool please advise the agency so that they can have the pool company triple the chlorine dose during your stay.  This is for your safety and is a courtesy to the next guest.

Pets must be listed on the contract.  Any guest who brings an unscheduled pet is subject to eviction and will incur a $1200 fee for a deep clean of the house.  Due to beach restrictions and raccoon flea issues, no pets June 1 to August 30.